Working with people around the world

Our giving touches thousands across the world. A great church leader from another era said ‘the world is my parish’. Thanks to your generous giving Arena Church has been able to echo that cry by repurposing and establishing a global reach.


Of course it starts on the doorstep of the church in our varying local communities, but every prevailing church always sees beyond that, understanding ‘God so loved the world’. We support on a structured regular basis, and out of heartfelt relationship, missionary endeavours in Albania, Namibia, Romania and Slovakia. Not forgetting our heroic church planters in Toulouse, France.


We also sponsor children through the ministry of Compassion International in Mugumo Village in Kenya. This ministry is represented in our own church by Anne Basabe. We must also never forget those persecuted for faith in Christ. Kath Richardson is our Open Doors representative in this. Someone said ‘we must be global Christians with a global vision because God is a global God!’ May our generous giving continue to fuel this passion to the locality and to the ends of the earth!


Phil Pye
On behalf of Arena World Ministries

Patrick & Lucile

Toulouse, France